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PMP9757 Datasheet

Part NamePMP9757 TI
Texas Instruments TI
DescriptionStep-Down Converter with Input Overvoltage Protection Reference Design

PMP9757 image

This reference design details a power management circuit which is capable to be operated at a supply voltage which is temporarily exceeding the maximum recommended supply voltage of the DCDC converter used. The protection is achieved by disconnecting the supply voltage and disabling the converter during the overvoltage events. The implementation is based on a completely integrated step down converter circuit enabling a small total solution while still capable of handling up to 3 A at the output.

• reliable input overvoltage protection for temporary overvoltage events
• scaleable overvoltage protection voltage range
• small solution
• more than 10W output power possible
• simple design, small BOM
• automotive qualified components

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