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RD28F1602C3B110_03 Datasheet

Part NameRD28F1602C3B110_03 Intel
Intel Intel
Description3 Volt Intel® Advanced+ Boot Block Flash Memory(C3) Stacked-Chip Scale Package Family
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This document contains the specifications for the 3 Volt Intel® Advanced+ Boot Block Flash Memory (C3) Stacked-Chip Scale Package (Stacked-CSP) device. Stacked memory solutions are  offered in the following combinations: 32-Mbit flash + 8-Mbit SRAM, 32-Mbit flash + 4-Mbit  SRAM, 16-Mbit flash + 4-Mbit SRAM, or 16-Mbit flash memory + 2-Mbit SRAM.

Product Overview
The C3 Stacked-CSP device combines flash and SRAM into a single package, and provides secure  low-voltage memory solutions for portable applications. This memory family combines two  memory technologies, flash memory and SRAM, in one package. The flash memory delivers  enhanced security features, a block locking capability that allows instant locking/unlocking of any  flash block with zero-latency, and a 128-bit protection register that enable unique device  identification, to meet the needs of next generation portable applications. Improved 12 V  production programming can be used to improve factory throughput.

Product Features
■ Flash Memory Plus SRAM
   —Reduces Memory Board Space
      Required, Simplifying PCB Design  Complexity
■ Stacked-Chip Scale Package (Stacked CSP) Technology
   —Smallest Memory Subsystem Footprint
   —Area : 8 x 10 mm for 16Mbit (0.13 µm)
      Flash + 2Mbit or 4Mbit SRAM
   —Area : 8 x 12 mm for 32Mbit (0.13 µm)
      Flash + 4Mbit or 8Mbit SRAM
   —Height : 1.20 mm for 16Mbit (0.13 µm)
      Flash + 2Mbit or 4Mbit SRAM and
      32Mbit (0.13um) Flash + 8Mbit SRAM
   —Height : 1.40 mm for 32Mbit (0.13 µm)
      Flash + 4Mbit SRAM
   —This Family also includes 0.25 µm and
      0.18 µm technologies
■ Advanced SRAM Technology
   —70 ns Access Time
   —Low Power Operation
   —Low Voltage Data Retention Mode
■ Intel® Flash Data Integrator (FDI)  Software
   —Real-Time Data Storage and Code
      Execution in the Same Memory Device
   —Full Flash File Manager Capability
■ Advanced+ Boot Block Flash Memory
   —70 ns Access Time at 2.7 V
   —Instant, Individual Block Locking
   —128 bit Protection Register
   —12 V Production Programming
   —Ultra Fast Program and Erase Suspend
   —Extended Temperature –25 °C to +85 °C
■ Blocking Architecture
   —Block Sizes for Code + Data Storage
   —4-Kword Parameter Blocks (for data)
   —64-Kbyte Main Blocks (for code)
   —100,000 Erase Cycles per Block
■ Low Power Operation
   —Async Read Current: 9 mA (Flash)
   —Standby Current: 7 µA (Flash)
   —Automatic Power Saving Mode
■ Flash Technologies
   —0.25 µm ETOX™ VI, 0.18 µm ETOX™
      VII and 0.13 µm ETOX™ VIII Flash
   —28F160xC3, 28F320xC3

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