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S80296SA-50 Datasheet

Part NameS80296SA-50 Intel
Intel Intel
S80296 image


The 80296SA is a member of Intel’s 16-bit MCS® 96 microcontroller family. The 80296SA features 6 Mbytes of linear address space, a demultiplexed bus, and a chip-select unit. The external bus can dynamically switch between multiplexed and demultiplexed operation. The device has hardware and instructions to support various digital signal processing algorithms.

■50 MHz Operation†
■6 Mbytes of Linear Address Space
■512 Bytes of Register RAM
■2 Kbytes of Code/Data RAM
■Register-register Architecture
■Footprint and Functionally Compatible Upgrade for the 8XC196NP and 80C196NU
■Optional Phase-locked Loop (PLL) Circuitry with 2x or 4x Clock Multiplier
■32 I/O Port Pins
■19 Interrupt Sources, 14 with Programmable Priorities
■4 External Interrupt Pins and NMI Pin
■2 Flexible 16-bit Timer/Counters with Quadrature Counting Capability
■3 Pulse-width Modulator (PWM) Outputs with High Drive Capability
■Full-duplex Serial Port with Dedicated Baud-rate Generator
■Chip-select Unit
— 6 Chip-select Pins
— Dynamic Demultiplexed/Multiplexed Address/Data Bus for Each Chip Select
— Programmable Wait States (0–15) for Each Chip Select
— Programmable Bus Width (8- or 16-bit) for Each Chip Select
— Programmable Address Range for Each Chip Select
■Event Processor Array (EPA) with 4 High-speed Capture/Compare Channels
■Multiply and Accumulate Executes in 80 ns Using the 40-bit Hardware Accumulator
■880 ns 32/16 Unsigned Division
■100-pin QFP Package
■Complete System Development Support
■High-speed CHMOS Technology

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