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TK83361M Datasheet

Part NameTK83361M Toko
Toko America Inc  Toko

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The TK83361M is a narrow band FM IF IC designed for cordless phones, radio transceivers, remote controls, wireless data transceivers, and other communication equipment.
It integrates the mixer, oscillator, limiting amplifier, FM demodulator, filter amplifier and squelch circuit into a single surface mount SOP-16 package. The low operating current combined with a minimum operating voltage of only 2 V makes this device ideal for battery powered devices.
The TK83361M offers improved performance over the MC3361C. The operating frequency has been increased to 220MHz (vs. 60MHz) while reducing the supply current from 5.2 mA to 3.8mA (squelch on). Offered in the SOP-16 surface mount package, the TK83361M is a drop-in replacement for the MC3361C.

■ Wide Operating Voltage Range 2.0 to 8.0V
■ RF Input Frequency up to 220 MHz
■ Low Supply Current (2.8mA, squelch off, 3.8mA, squelch on)
■ Low External Component Count
■ Excellent Limiting Sensitivity (-3dB = 8dBµ)

■ Amateur Radio Transceivers
■ Cordless Phones
■ Remote Controls
■ Wireless Data Transceivers
■ Battery Powered Devices

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