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TSA5511 データシート

部品番号TSA5511 Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
コンポーネント説明1.3 GHz Bidirectional I2C-bus controlled synthesizer
TSA5511T image

The TSA5511 is a single chip PLL frequency synthesizer designed for TV tuning systems. Control data is entered via the I2C-bus; five serial bytes are required to address the device, select the oscillator frequency, programme the eight output ports and set the charge-pump current. Four
of these ports can also be used as input ports (three general purpose I/O ports, one ADC). Digital information concerning those ports can be read out of the TSA5511 on the SDA line (one status byte) during a READ operation.
A flag is set when the loop is “in-lock” and is read during a READ operation. The device has one fixed I2C-bus address and 3 programmable addresses, programmed by applying a specific voltage on Port 3. The phase comparator operates at 7.8125 kHz when a 4 MHz crystal is used.

• Complete 1.3 GHz single chip system
• Low power 5 V, 35 mA
• I2C-bus programming
• In-lock flag
• Varicap drive disable
• Low radiation
• Address selection for Picture-In-Picture (PIP), DBS tuner (3 addresses)
• Analog-to-digital converter
• 8 bus controlled ports (5 for TSA5511T), 4 current limited outputs (1 for TSA5511T), 4 open collector outputs (bi-directional)
• Power-down flag

• TV tuners
• VCR Tuners

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