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UC1610 Datasheet

Part NameUC1610 TI
Texas Instruments TI

UC3610N image

This eight-diode array is designed for high-current, low duty-cycle applications typical of flyback voltage clamping for inductive loads. The dual bridge connection makes this device particularly applicable to bipolar driven stepper motors.
The use of Schottky diode technology features high efficiency through lowered forward voltage drop and decreased reverse recovery time.
This single monolithic chip is fabricated in both hermetic CERDIP and copper-leaded plastic packages. The UC1610 in ceramic is designed for −55°C to 125°C environments but with reduced peak current capability. The UC2610 in plastic and ceramic is designed for −25°C to 125°C environments also with reduced peak current capability; while the UC3610 in plastic has higher current rating over a 0°C to 70°C temperature range.

● Monolithic Eight-Diode Array
● Exceptional Efficiency
● Low Forward Voltage
● Fast Recovery Time
● High Peak Current
● Small Size

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