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VTL5C2/2 Datasheet

Part NameVTL5C2/2 PerkinElmer
PerkinElmer Inc PerkinElmer
DescriptionPhotoconductive Cells and Analog Optoisolators (Vactrols®)
VTL5C2/2 Datasheet PDF : VTL5C2/2 pdf     
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Custom and Semi-Custom Devices

Upon request, and where sufficient quantities are involved, PerkinElmer Optoelectronics will test standard parts to your unique set of specifications. The advantage of testing parts under actual operating conditions is predictable performance in the application. PerkinElmer offers a broad line of standard photodiodes in a wide variety of packages and sensitivities. Nevertheless, some applications demand a totally custom device. Recognizing this real need, PerkinElmer’s engineering, research, and sales departments are geared for working with the customer from initial concept through design, prototype, and volume production.


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