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Z0103MA Datasheet

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Z0103MA Triacs Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
Z0107 image

Passivated triacs in conventional and surface mounting packages. Intended for use in applications requiring high bidirectional transient and blocking voltage capability. Available in a range of gate current sensitivities for optimum performance.
Product availability:
Z0103MA; Z0103NA; Z0107MA; Z0107NA; Z0109MA; Z0109NA in SOT54B
Z0103MN; Z0103NN; Z0107MN; Z0107NN; Z0109MN; Z0109NN in SOT223.

■ Blocking voltage to 800 V (NA and NN types)
■ 1 A on-state RMS current.

■ Home appliances
■ Small motor control
■ Fan controllers
■ Small loads in industrial process control.

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