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Architectural Overview
The Luminary Micro Stellaris® family of microcontrollers—the first ARM® Cortex™-M3 based controllers—brings high-performance 32-bit computing to cost-sensitive embedded microcontroller applications. These pioneering parts deliver customers 32-bit performance at a cost equivalent to legacy 8- and 16-bit devices, all in a package with a small footprint.

Product Features
The LM3S817 microcontroller includes the following product features:
■ 32-Bit RISC Performance
    – 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 v7M architecture optimized for small-footprint embedded applications
    – System timer (SysTick) provides a simple, 24-bit clear-on-write, decrementing, wrap-on-zero counter with a flexible control mechanism
    – Thumb®-compatible Thumb-2-only instruction set processor core for high code density
    – 50-MHz operation
    – Hardware-division and single-cycle-multiplication
    – Integrated Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC) providing deterministic interrupt handling
    – 26 interrupts with eight priority levels
    – Memory protection unit (MPU) provides a privileged mode for protected operating system functionality
    – Unaligned data access, enabling data to be efficiently packed into memory
    – Atomic bit manipulation (bit-banding) delivers maximum memory utilization and streamlined peripheral control
■ Internal Memory
    – 64-KB single-cycle flash
        • User-managed flash block protection on a 2-KB block basis
        • User-managed flash data programming
        • User-defined and managed flash-protection block
    – 8-KB single-cycle SRAM
■ General-Purpose Timers
    – Three timers, each of which can be configured: as a single 32-bit timer, as two 16-bit timers, or to initiate an ADC event
    – 32-bit Timer modes:
        • Programmable one-shot timer
        • Programmable periodic timer
        • Real-Time Clock when using an external 32.768-KHz clock as the input
        • User-enabled stalling in periodic and one-shot mode when the controller asserts the CPU Halt flag during debug
        • ADC event trigger
    – 16-bit Timer modes:
        • General-purpose timer function with an 8-bit prescaler
        • Programmable one-shot timer
        • Programmable periodic timer
        • User-enabled stalling when the controller asserts CPU Halt flag during debug
        • ADC event trigger
    – 16-bit Input Capture modes:
        • Input edge count capture
        • Input edge time capture
    – 16-bit PWM mode:
        • Simple PWM mode with software-programmable output inversion of the PWM signal
■ ARM FiRM-compliant Watchdog Timer
    – 32-bit down counter with a programmable load register
    – Separate watchdog clock with an enable
    – Programmable interrupt generation logic with interrupt masking
    – Lock register protection from runaway software
    – Reset generation logic with an enable/disable
    – User-enabled stalling when the controller asserts the CPU Halt flag during debug
■ Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI)
    – Master or slave operation
    – Programmable clock bit rate and prescale
    – Separate transmit and receive FIFOs, 16 bits wide, 8 locations deep
    – Programmable interface operation for Freescale SPI, MICROWIRE, or Texas Instruments synchronous serial interfaces
    – Programmable data frame size from 4 to 16 bits
    – Internal loopback test mode for diagnostic/debug testing
    – Two fully programmable 16C550-type UARTs
    – Separate 16x8 transmit (TX) and 16x12 receive (RX) FIFOs to reduce CPU interrupt service loading
    – Programmable baud-rate generator with fractional divider
    – Programmable FIFO length, including 1-byte deep operation providing conventional double-buffered interface
    – FIFO trigger levels of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 7/8
    – Standard asynchronous communication bits for start, stop, and parity
    – False-start-bit detection
    – Line-break generation and detection
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