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Description : DDR2 Registered Memory Modules

The INFINEON HYS72Taaabcd[G/H]R module family are low profile Registered DIMM modules with 30,00 mm height based on DDR2 technology. DIMMs are available in 64M x 72 (512MByte), 128M x 72 (1GByte) and 256M x 72 (2GByte) organisation and density, intended for mounting into 240 pin connector sockets.

Low Profile 240-pin Registered DDR2 SDRAM Modules
512 MByte, 1 GByte & 2 GByte Modules PC2-3200R, PC2-4300R

• 240-pin Registered 8-Byte ECC Dual-In-Line DDR2 SDRAM Module for PC, Workstation and Server main memory applications
• One rank 64Mb x 72, 128Mb x 72 and two ranks 128Mb × 72 and 256Mb x 72 organizations
• JEDEC standard Double Data Rate 2 Synchronous DRAMs (DDR2 SDRAMs) with + 1.8 V (± 0.1 V) power supply
• 512MB and 1 GB modulesModules built with 512Mb DDR2 SDRAMs in 60-ball FBGA chipsize packages
• Two versions of 2 GB modules built with 63-ball FBGA dual die chipsize packages (2 x 512Mb components) or 60-ball FBGA packages
• Programmable CAS Latencies (3, 4 & 5), Burst Length (4 & 8) and Burst Type.
• Auto Refresh and Self Refresh
• All inputs and outputs SSTL_1.8 compatible
• Re-drive for all input signals using register and PLL devices.
• OCD (Off-Chip Driver Impedance Adjustment) and ODT (On-Die Termination)
• Serial Presence Detect with E2PROM
• Low Profile Modules form factor: 133.35 mm x 30,00 mm (MO-237)
• Based on JEDEC standard reference card designs

Description : 0.5mm Pitch SMT Board to Board Connector

■ Features
1. Broad Variations of Stacking Height
    In addition to 0.5mm pitch ultra-miniature size connector, the stacking height of 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, and 5mm are provided.
2. Corresponding to Automatic Mounting
    The connector has the vacuum pick-up area to enable automatic mounting with the embossed tape packaging.
3. Metal Fitting Available
    The product including the metal fitting to prevent solder peeling is provided, considering the mounting on FPC.

■ Applications
    Mobile phone, LCD(Liquid Crystal display), MO(Optical Disk), Note PC

Description : 0.5mm and 1mm Pitch Connectors For FPC/FFC

■ Features
1. Ease of Use and Space Savings
   Only one finger or 6.9N (Newtons) of force is required to lock Hirose’s rotational actuator (flip-lock) as compared to using 2 fingers and 39.2N to close a FFC/FPC connector from our competition.
   The Flip-Lock design also allows customers to place 2 or more connectors side by side as there is no need to waste additional board space for a side latch.
2. Strengthened Flip-lock Actuator
   The standard Flip-Lock requires only 2.0mm height above the board. A strengthened lock lever is available which only requires an additional 0.4mm.
3. Supports Thin FPC (0.18mm)
   Hirose does not require double-sided FPC to have any additional strengthening plate or stiffener and can therefore support a thickness of as little as 0.18mm +/-0.05.
4. Hirose Ensures Reliability
   Hirose’s patented half tuning fork contacts maintain the required normal force without relying on the connector housing. With our competitor’s conventional products the housing walls support the contact force, which does not provide for long-term reliability.
5. Prevention of Solder Bridge
   Excess solder cavity absorbs excessive solder and avoids solder bridging.
6. Three different assembly types
   FH12 is offered in Top & Bottom Contact and Vertical Mount and offered in both a 0.5mm contact pitch as well as a 1.0mm contact pitch (bottom contact only).

Description : SMD Quartz Crystal

4 Pad Version · 12.9 x 4.73 mm

■ reflow soldering temperature: 260 °C max.

■ package height 5.0 mm


Description : WS Series Hot-Molded Carbon Composition Potentiometer


■ Carbon composition/Industrial/Sealed
■ Locking-Bushing/Standard-Bushing
■ Meet MIL-R-94

Description : Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO’s)

Small SMD OCXO with tight stability.
AT and SC-cut versions available.

• 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 13 MHz standard. Other frequencies available from 2 to 80 MHz
• Stability as low as ±5 x 10-8 over 0°C to 50°C
• Aging: 1 x 10-9 per day
• Package: 25.4 x 22 x 10.5 mm
• Supply voltage: +3.3 or +5.0 V

Description : WS Series Hot-Molded Carbon Composition Potentiometer

■ Carbon composition/Industrial/Sealed
■ Locking-Bushing/Standard-Bushing
■ Meet MIL-R-94


EFC Series 1313 are metallized polyester capacitors. This series offers the advantage of small size, self healing and low cost. Suggested applications include: medical electronics, telecommunications and high voltage power supplies. Packaging options include: wrap and fill (TF, TC), radial lead box (EFR), axial lead (EC, EF). Application options include: high voltage (HV), "AC" across the line (AC), noise suppression (RC) and switching power supply (SP).
    - 55 °C to + 85 °C at rated voltage.
    To 125 °C at 50% derating.
    Capacitors < 1.0 MFD shall be measured
    at 1 KHz + 20 HZ. Capacitors >1.0 MFD
    shall be measured at 120 HZ. Measurements
    shall be taken at 25 °C.
    At 25 °C, 150% of rated voltage when applied
    terminal to terminal for one minute through a
    current limiting resistance.
    At 25 °C after 2 minutes charge time at rated voltage
    or 500 VDC, whichever is less, the minimum IR shall
    be 30,000 Megohm-Microfarad, but need not exceed
    50,000 Megohms for voltages greater than 50 VDC,
    and 15,000 Megohm-Microfarads, but need not exceed
    30,000 Megohms for 50 VDC or less.
    Series 1313 shall meet the requirements
    of MIL-STD. 202C, Method 103B.
    Shall be 1.0 % max. when measured as in Par. 2.
    Will withstand the application of 150% rated voltage at +125 °C for 250 hours
    with not more than one failure in 12 permitted.

Description : CMOS TCXO


The PJ-B2980 Series of quartz crystal oscillators provide DPECL Fast Edge compatible signals. Systems designers may now specify space-saving, cost-effective packaged PECL oscillators to meet their timing requirements.


• Wide frequency range–60.0MHz to 312.5MHz

• User specified tolerance available

• Space-saving alternative to discrete component oscillators

• High shock resistance, to 1000g

• 2.5 volt operation

• Metal lid electrically connected to ground to reduce EMI

• High Reliability - NEL HALT/HASS qualified for crystal oscillator start-up conditions

• Low Jitter - Wavecrest jitter characterization available

• Overtone technology

• High Q Crystal actively tuned oscillator circuit

• Power supply decoupling internal

• No internal PLL avoids cascading PLL problems

• High frequencies due to proprietary design

• Gold plated pads

• RoHS Compliant, Lead Free Construction



APRIL 2004. This edition of Memory Spectrum has been developed to enable you to easily view the entire range of Infineon’s memory products. For more related product information and the latest datasheets, please visit our websites: www.infineon.com/memory and www.infineon.com/memory/flash.

■ DDR400 Components and DIMMs (PC3200)
■ 2 GB DDR2 Unbuffered DIMM
■ 4 GB DDR2 Registered DIMM
■ 16 Mb and 32 Mb CellularRAM
■ 512 Mb Mobile-RAM
■ “Green**”, DRAM Components and Modules
■ 512 Mb and 1 Gb TwinNAND Components
■ SD Cards / MultiMediaCards

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