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Description : SMD Quartz Crystal

4 Pad Version · 12.9 x 4.73 mm

■ reflow soldering temperature: 260 °C max.

■ package height 5.0 mm


Description : SMD Quartz Crystal

4 Pad Version · 13.1 x 5.0 mm

low cost alternative to MG3A

■ reflow soldering temperature: 260 °C max.

■ package height 5 mm


Description : 7.92 mm Contact Pitch, High-Current Connectors for Internal Power Supplies (UL, C-UL and TÜV Listed)

■ Features
1. 30 A maximum current
   Single position connector can carry current of 30 A with #10 AWG conductor. Please refer to Table #1 for current ratings for multi position connectors using other conductor sizes.
2. Complete Locking Function
   Reliable interior lock protects mated connectors from accidental disconnection.
3. Prevention of Incorrect Connections
   To prevent incorrect connection when using multiple connectors having the same Number of contacts, 3 product types having different mating configurations are available.
4. Molded-in contact retention tabs
   Handling of terminated contacts during the crimping is easier and avoids entangling of wires, since there are no protruding metal tabs.
5. Prevention of incorrect board placement
   Built-in posts assure correct connector placement and orientation on the board.
6. Supports encapsulation
   Connectors can be encapsulated up to 10 mm without affecting the performance.
7. Prevention of Short Circuits Between Adjacent Contacts
   Each Contact is completely surrounded by the insulator housing electrically isolating it from adjacent contacts.
8. Increased Retention Force of Crimped Contacts and confirmation of complete contact insertion
   Separate contact retainers are provided for applications where extreme pull-out forces may be applied against the wire or when a visual confirmation of the full contact insertion is required.
9. Full Line of Crimp Socket Contacts
   Realizing the market needs for multitude of different applications, Hirose has developed several variants of crimp socket contacts and housings. Continuous development is adding different variations. Contact your nearest Hirose Electric representative for latest developments.
10. In-line Connections
   Connectors can be ordered for in-line cable connections. In addition, assemblies can be placed next to each other allowing 4 position total (2 ∞ 2) in a small space.
11. Listed by UL, C-UL, and TÜV.

■ Applications
  Office equipment, power supplies for industrial, medical and instrumentation applications, variety of consumer electronic, and electrical applications.

Description : Polypropylene Pulse/High Frequency Capacitors R76 Series Double Metallized Polypropylene Film, Radial, DC and Pulse Applications (Automotive Grade)

The R76 Series is constructed of polypropylene film and double metallized polyester film as electrodes with radial leads of tinned wire. The radial leads are electrically welded to the metal layer on the ends of the capacitor winding. The capacitor is encapsulated in a self-extinguishing solvent resistant plastic case with thermosetting resin material meeting the UL 94V–0 requirements.

• Voltage range: 250 – 2,000 VDC
• Capacitance range: 100 pF – 15 µF
• Lead Spacing: 7.5 mm – 37.5 mm
• Capacitance tolerance: ±5%, ±10%, ±20%
• Climatic category: 55/105/56 IEC 60068-1
• Operating temperature range of −55˚C to +105˚C
• RoHS compliance and lead-free terminations
• Tape and reel packaging in accordance with IEC 60286–2
• Self-healing
• Automotive (AEC–Q200) grades available up to lead spacing 22.5mm

Description : ASCEND Semiconductor 4Mx4 EDO

The device CMOS Dynamic RAM organized as 4,194,304 words x 4 bits with extended data out access mode. It is fabricated with an advanced submicron CMOS technology and designed to operate from a single 3.3V oniy power supply. low voltage operation is more suitable to be used on battery backup, portable electronic application. lt is packaged in JEDEC standard 26/24-pin plastic SOJ or TSOP(II).

• Single 3.3V(±10%) only power supply
• High speed tRAC acess time: 50/60ns
low power dissipation
   - Active mode : 432/396 mW (Mas)
   - Standby mode: 0.54 mW (Mas)
• Extended - data - out(EDO) page mode access
• I/O level: CMOS level (Vcc = 3.3V)
• 2048 refresh cycle in 32 ms(Std.) or 128 ms(S-version)
• 4 refresh modesh:
   - RAS only refresh
   - CAS - before - RAS refresh
   - Hidden refresh
   - Self-refresh(S-version)

Description : Transient Voltage Suppressor 11 to 170 Volts 5000 Watt

• For surface mount application in order to optimize board space
low inductance
low profile package
• Built-in strain relief
• Glass passivated junction
• Excellent clamping capability
• Repetition Rate( duty cycle): 0.01%
• Fast response time: typical less than 1ps from 0V to BV min
• Typical ID less than 1uA above 10V
• High temperature soldering: 250oC/10 seconds at terminals
• Plastic package has Underwrites Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-O
• UL Recognized File # E222849


The UTC 82CXX series are good performance 3-terminals voltage detectors and manufactured by CMOS technologies with highly accurate, low power consumption.

The detection voltage is extremely accurate with minimal temperature drift. 


*High-accuracy detection voltage : ±2%

*Detect voltage range : 0.9V to 6.2V in 0.1V increments

*Detect voltage temperature characteristics: TYP.±100ppm/°С.

*Wide operating voltage range : 0.7V to 10.0V

*low current consumption : TYP 0.7μA(at VIN=1.5V)

Description : Mod IV Receptacle Assemblies, Single-Row, Outrigger Design .100 x .100 [2.54 x 2.54] Centerline, End To End Stackable

Mod IV Receptacle Assemblies, Single-Row, Outrigger Design .100 x .100 [2.54 x 2.54] Centerline, End To End Stackable


• Planar Die Construction
• Ultra-Small Surface Mount Package
• Ideally Suited for Automated Assembly Processes
• Lead, Halogen and Antimony Free, RoHS Compliant "Green" Device (Notes 3 and 4)
• Qualified to AEC-Q101 Standards for High Reliability

Description : WS Series Hot-Molded Carbon Composition Potentiometer

■ Carbon composition/Industrial/Sealed
■ Locking-Bushing/Standard-Bushing
■ Meet MIL-R-94

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