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Part Name(s) : YMF744B YMF744B-R YMF744B-V
Description : 3.3V; DS-1S high performance audio controller for the PCI bus
Yamaha Corporation

YMF744B (DS-1S) is a high performance audio controller for the PCI Bus. DS-1S consists of two separated functional blocks. One is the PCI Audio block and the other is the Legacy Audio block. PCI Audio block allows Software Driver to handle maximum of 73 concurrent audio streams with the Bus Master DMA engine. The PCI Audio Engine converts the sampling rate of each audio stream and the streams are mixed without utilizing the CPU or causing system latency. By using the Software Driver from YAMAHA, PCI Audio provides 64-voice XG wavetable synthesizer with Reverb and variation. It also supports DirectSound hardware accelerator, Downloadable Sound (DLS) and DirectMusic accelerator.


Part Name(s) : LM1875 LM1875T LM1875T/LB02 LM1875T/LB03 LM1875T/LB05 LM1875T/LF02 LM1875T/LF03 LM1875T/LF05 LM1875T/NOPB
Description : Audio Amplifiers 20W Audio Power Amplifier 5-TO-220
Texas Instruments

The LM1875 is a monolithic power amplifier offering very low distortion and high quality performance for consumer audio applications.

Part Name(s) : LM4780 LM4780TA
Description : Overture™ Audio Power Amplifier Series Stereo 60W, Mono 120W Audio Power Amplifier with Mute
National ->Texas Instruments

General Description
The LM4780 is a stereo audio amplifier capable of typically delivering 60W per channel of continuous average output power into an 8Ω load with less than 0.5% THD+N from 20Hz - 20kHz.

■ SPiKe Protection
■ Low external component count
■ Quiet fade-in/out mute mode
■ Wide supply range: 20V - 84V
■ Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥ 97dB (ref. to PO = 1W)

Audio amplifier for component stereo
Audio amplifier for compact stereo
Audio amplifier for self-powered speakers
Audio amplifier for high-end and HD TVs

Part Name(s) : CS49500 CS49510 CS49520
Description : New Audio DSP Delivers High-End Performance Powerful 32-bit Dual Coyote32™Core (1440 MOPS)
Cirrus Logic

Designed as an ideal silicon solution for audio video receivers and DVD receivers, the new CS49500 family integrates two programmable 32-bit DSP cores and a DMA engine with a full set of audio peripherals. Feature-rich designs can be easily developed using the Cirrus® Audio Software Library, which includes both certified application programs and a modular plug-in environment for easy customization using Coyote32 assembly or C programming. The framework includes certified state-of-the-art audio decoders, virtualizers, surround simulators, and audio-enhancement algorithms.

Part Name(s) : TA8271HQ
Description : Max Power 41 W BTL x 4 ch Audio Power IC

The TA8271HQ is 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier for car audio application. This IC can generate more high power: POUTMAX = 41 W as it is included the pure complementary PNP and NPN transistor output stage. It is designed low distortion ratio for 4 ch BTL audio power amplifier, built-in stand-by function and muting function. Additionally, the AUX amplifier and various kind of protector
for car audio use is built-in.


Part Name(s) : WM8860 WM8860GEFL/RV WM8860GEFL/V
Description : Multi-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
Wolfson Microelectronics plc

The WM8860 is a high performance multi-channel audio CODEC designed for high performance portable PC audio systems. The device offers full compatibility with the Intel High Definition Audio (HDA) specification revision 1.0, allowing seamless integration with industry-standard HDA controllers.


Part Name(s) : 111-2223-001 1239AS-H-2R2N=P2 2027 26630201RP2 26630301RP2 5000 5001 5002 810-002-SP2L001 C0603_DNP C1608C0G1H102J ECJ-1VB1C104K ECJ-1VB1H472K ERJ-3GEY0R00V ERJ-3GEYJ104V ESDALC6V1-1BT2 GRM185R61A105KE36D GRM21BR71A106KE51L LMK212BJ226MG-T MMSZ5235BT1 MPZ2012S101A PJRAN1X1U01X R0603_DNP RC0603FR-071KL TL1015AF160QG
Description : Audio Power Amplifier Evaluation Module
Texas Instruments

Audio Power Amplifier Evaluation Module

This section provides an overview of the Texas Instruments (TI) TPA2025D1 audio power amplifier
evaluation module (EVM). It includes a brief description of the module and a list of specifications.

The TPA2025D1 is a high-efficiency, class-D, audio power amplifier and an integrated boost converter. It
drives up to 2 W into a 4-Ω speaker from low supply voltages. The TPA2025D1 audio power amplifier EVM is a complete, stand-alone audio amplifier. It contains the TPA2025D1 WCSP (YZG) Class-D audio power amplifier with an integrated boost converter. All components and the EVM are Pb-Free.

Part Name(s) : FI4019HG FI4019HG-117P IRFI4019HG-117P
Description : Digital Audio Mosfet
International Rectifier

This Digital Audio MosFET Half-Bridge is specifically designed for Class D audio amplifier applications. It consists of two power MosFET switches connected in half-bridge onfiguration. The latest process is used to achieve low on-resistance per silicon area. Furthermore, Gate charge, body-diode reverse recovery, and internal Gate resistance are optimized to improve key Class D audio amplifier performance factors such as efficiency, THD and EMI. These combine to make this Half-Bridge a highly efficient, robust and reliable device for Class D audio amplifier applications.

Part Name(s) : CM101S
Description : CM101S+ USB 2CH Audio Controller(Dolby Digital Live Software Technology Bundle)
C-Media Electronics

CM101S+ is the world first USB audio chip that with Dolby Digital Live sounds technology supporting. This new chip design can provided more efficiency features and high quality sound for portable USB audio products application. It is a highly integrated single chip for USB stereo audio and SPDIF output application. Minimum external components are needed for building an USB audio system, which makes CM101S+ a simple and very cost-effective solution.

 USB 2.0 Full Speed Compatible and USB IF Certification
 USB audio device class specification v1.0 Compatible

Part Name(s) : LA7953
Description : Audio Controller for TV Use
SANYO -> Panasonic

The LA7953 Audio Controller is a single-chip, liner IC featuring a built-in expansion circuit. The device also features a 4-input 1-output audio switch, an acoustic mute, a LINE-OUT output, and audio control functions for volume, balance, bass and treble on-chip. Excellent audio reproduction can be obtained using the right channel expansion circuit. The LA7953 operates on a single 12V power supply and is available in 30-pin plastic DIPs.

• On-chip audio controller and audio switch facilitate design.
Audio controller for volume, balance, bass and treble.
• 4-input/1-output audio switch.
• On-chip expansion circuit ensures excellent sound reproduction.
• LINE-OUT output.
• Acoustic mute.



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