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Cirrus Logic
Cirrus Logic
Description : 8-Pin, 24-Bit, 96 kHz Stereo D/A Converter

The CS4334 family members are complete, stereo digital-to-analog output systems including interpolation, 1-bit D/A conversion and output analog filtering in an 8-pin package. The CS4334/5/8/9 support all major audio data interface formats, and the individual devices differ only in the supported interface format.

● Complete Stereo DAC System: Interpolation, D/A, Output Analog Filtering
● 24-Bit Conversion
● 96 dB Dynamic Range
● -88 dB THD+N
● Low Clock Jitter Sensitivity
● Single +5 V Power Supply
● Filtered Line Level Outputs
● On-Chip Digital De-emphasis
● Popguard® Technology
● Functionally Compatible with CS4330/31/33

Description : Single port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Transceiver


General Description
IP101A LF is an IEEE 802.3/802.3u compliant single-port Fast Ethernet Transceiver for both 100Mbps and 10Mbps operations. It supports Auto MDI/MDIX function to simplify the network installation and reduce the system maintenance cost. To improve the system performance, IP101A LF provides a hardware interrupt pin to indicate the link, speed and duplex status change. IP101A LF also provides Media Independent Interface (MII) / Serial Network Interface (SNI) or Reduced Media Independent Interface (RMII) to connect with different types of 10/100Mbps Media Access Controller (MAC). IP101A LF is designed to use category 5 unshielded twisted-pair cable connecting to other LAN devices.
IP101A LF Transceiver is fabricated with advanced CMOS technology, which the chip only requires 3.3V as power supply and consumes very low power in the Auto Power Saving mode. IP101A LF can be implemented as Network Interface Adapter with RJ-45 for twisted-pair connection. It can also be easily implemented into HUB, Switch, Router, Access Point.

● 10/100Mbps TX
● Full-duplex or half-duplex
● Supports Auto MDI/MDIX function
● Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.3u
● Supports IEEE 802.3u auto-negotiation
● Supports MII / RMII / SNI interface
● IEEE 802.3 full duplex control specification
● Supports Automatic Power Saving mode
● Supports BaseLine Wander (BLW) compensation
● Supports Interrupt function
● Supports repeater mode
● Single 3.3V power supply with built-in 2.5V regulator
● DSP-based PHY Transceiver technology
● Using either 25MHz crystal/oscillator or 50MHz oscillator REF_CLK as clock source
● Flexible LED display for speed, duplex, link, activity and collision
● Supports flow control to communicate with other MAC through MDC and MDIO
● 0.25u, CMOS technology
● 48-pin LQFP
● Support Lead Free package (Please refer to the Order Information)

Description : 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i Digital Signage Player with 4 independent displays

Designed for advanced digital signage and interactive media applications, DS-862 is powered by 3rd generation Intel Core i processor and AMD Radeon E6460 graphic chip to drive high quality contents up to 4K2K resolution. DS-862 supports four independent display by DisplayPort. DS-862 is preloaded with SUSIAccess for Signage software for scheduled broadcasting and content editing and support multi displays (2x2 or 1x4) broadcasting. DS-862s storage can be easily maintained by its special drawer design. DS-862 is ideal for multi-display applications in stores, stadiums, lobbies, restaurants, hotels and other public spaces.

◾ 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i3 and Celeron® 1020E
◾ AMD Radeon E6460 GPU
◾ 4 independent display: 4 x DisplayPort (up to 3840x2160@30hz)
◾ Slim and compact design
◾ Bundle with SUSIAccess for Signage, supports multidisplay flexibility (2x2 or 1x4)

Description : Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Transceiver


General Description
IP1001 is an integrated physical layer device for 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T applications. IP1001 supports MII, GMII and RGMII for different types of 10/100/1000Mb Media Access Controller (MAC). It supports Auto MDI/MDIX function to simplify the network installation and reduce the system maintenance cost. IP1001 supports speed down shift feature for a poor link quality to guarantee data transmission. Cable analysis function “SCA” is supported by programming MII registers of IP1001 through MDC/MDIO.

• IEEE 802.3 compliant 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T
• Support auto-negotiation
• Support timing programmable MII/ GMII/ RGMII (delay clock, and driving current etc.)
• Support 3 power saving modes
• Support software based Smart Cable Analyzer (SCA)
• Support auto MDI/MDIX (auto negotiation or force mode)
• Support auto polarity correction
• Supports programmable LED modes and LED driving current
• Supports speed down shift feature
• Built in synchronization FIFO to support jumbo frame size up to 10KB in giga mode (4KB in 10M/100M mode)
• Supports 2.1v and 1.2v built-in regulator control
• Provide a 125MHz free running clock
• Operating voltage 3.3v/ (2.5v option for RGMII)/ 1.8v/ 1.2v
• 64-pin QFN lead-free package
• Supports Lead Free package (Please refer to the Order Information)

Description : Gigabit Ethernet NIC Single Chip

[IC Plus Corp.]

General Description
The IP1000A LF is a truly 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet NIC single chip which it incorporates a 32-bit PCI interface with bus master support. It is manufactured using standard digital CMOS process and contains all the active circuitry required to implement the physical layer functions to transmit and receive data on standard CAT5 unshielded twisted pair cable.

• PCI & DMA Features
   – PCI Specification Revision 2.3 compliant
   – 32-bit, 33/66MHz bus master capability
   – Efficient DMA operation maximizes PCI band-width utilization
   – 1 Terabyte (40 bit) address space
   – Scatter, gather transmit/receive DMA
   – Transmit "interrupt-less" mode of operation
   – Receive frame priority interrupts
   – Receive interrupt coalescing
• FIFO Features
   – No external memory required
   – Receive FIFO flow control thresholds
   – Configurable TX/RX FIFO
• MAC Features
   – IEEE 802.3z, 802.3x compliant
   – IEEE 802.1p, 802.1Q compliant
   – 1000Mbps, 100Mbps, 10Mbps triple speed, half/full duplex operation
   – Transmit and receive back to back frames at full wire speed
   – Half duplex carrier extension and packet bursting
   – Asymmetric/symmetric flow control
   – VLAN tag insertion/removal
   – VLAN tagged frame filtering
   – IPV4/6, TCP, UDP checksum calculation/ verification
   – 802.3 MIB statistic register sets
   – 64-bit hash table for multicast frame filtering
   – Jumbo frame support for transmit/receive
   – Big-endian
• Phsical Layer Features
   – Fully integrated IEEE 802.3ab compliant 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 10BASE-T port
   – DSP receiver includes feed-forward equalizer, decision feedback equalizer, echo canceller, crosstalk canceller, and baseline wander correction
   – 802.3ab compliant Auto-Negotiation for automatic speed, duplex, and master/slave configuration
   – Automatic MDI/MDI-X crossover function and polarity correction
   – Automatic pair skew adjustment
   – PHY management registers
   – Smart Cable Analyzer (SCA™)
   – Smart speed downshift
   – APS(Auto Power Saving)
      a. Power Saving with Link status detecting
      b. Keep only MAC alive through software setting
• Power Management, EEPROM and Package
   – WakeOnLAN support
   – ACPI Revision 1.0 compliant
   – 1.8/3.3V CMOS with 5V tolerant I/O
   – EEPROM 93C46 support
   – Optional boot from serial ROM support
   – 128-pin LQFP with e-PAD package
• Support Lead Free package (Please refer to the Order Information)

Part Name(s) : YMF740C YMF740C-V
Yamaha Corporation
Yamaha Corporation
Description : DS-1L

YMF740C (DS-1L) is a high performance audio controller for the PCI Bus. DS-1L consists of two separated functional blocks. One is the PCI Audio block and the other is the Legacy Audio block. PCI Audio block allows Software Driver to handle maximum of 41 concurrent audio streams with Bus Master DMA engine.

QUARTZCOM the communications company
QUARTZCOM the communications company
Description : SMD Clock Oscillator LVDS

◾ Applications: 10 Gigabit Ethernet, SDH, SONET, Fibre Channel broadband access, DSL, GPON and switching system
◾ Output frequency up to 212.5 MHz
◾ Low jitter < 0.5 ps
◾ Small package size: 5.0 x 3.2 x 1.3 mm

Description : PACKAGING: CARDBOARD BOX, SIZE 203mm X 76mm X 51mm


Description : NChannel Enhancement Mode RF MOSFET

VDSS = 600 V

ID25 = 18 A

RDS(on) ≤ 0.56 Ω

PDC = 350

Low Capacitance Z-MOSTM MOSFET Process

Optimized for RF Operation

Ideal for Class C, D, & E Applications


• Isolated Substrate

− high isolation voltage (>2500V)

− excellent thermal transfer

− Increased temperature and power cycling capability

• IXYS advanced Z-MOS process

• Low gate charge and capacitances

− easier to drive

− faster switching

• Low RDS(on)

• Very low insertion inductance (<2nH)

• No beryllium oxide (BeO) or other hazardous materials


• High Performance RF Z-MOS™

• Optimized for RF and high speed

• Common Source RF Package

A = Gate Source Drain

B = Drain Source Gate

• Isolated Package, no insulator required

Description : CSM-8Q SMD CRYSTAL



The CSM-8Q is a compact SMD Crystal with a 7.0 x 5.0 mm footprint. AEC-Q200 Qualified

• Compact and Low Profile
• 7.0 x 5.0 mm Footprint
• RoHS Compliant
• AEC-Q200 Qualified

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