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1N4959/US View Datasheet(PDF) - Sensitron

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1N4959/US Datasheet PDF : 3 Pages
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1N4954/US thru 1N4996/US
1- The information given herein, including the specifications and dimensions, is subject to change without prior notice to improve product
characteristics. Before ordering, purchasers are advised to contact the Sensitron Semiconductor sales department for the latest version of the
2- In cases where extremely high reliability is required (such as use in nuclear power control, aerospace and aviation, traffic equipment, medical
equipment , and safety equipment) , safety should be ensured by using semiconductor devices that feature assured safety or by means of users’
fail-safe precautions or other arrangement .
3- In no event shall Sensitron Semiconductor be liable for any damages that may result from an accident or any other cause during operation of
the user’s units according to the datasheet(s). Sensitron Semiconductor assumes no responsibility for any intellectual property claims or any
other problems that may result from applications of information, products or circuits described in the datasheets.
4- In no event shall Sensitron Semiconductor be liable for any failure in a semiconductor device or any secondary damage resulting from use at
a value exceeding the absolute maximum rating.
5- No license is granted by the datasheet(s) under any patents or other rights of any third party or Sensitron Semiconductor.
6- The datasheet(s) may not be reproduced or duplicated, in any form, in whole or part, without the expressed written permission of Sensitron
7- The products (technologies) described in the datasheet(s) are not to be provided to any party whose purpose in their application will hinder
maintenance of international peace and safety nor are they to be applied to that purpose by their direct purchasers or any third party. When
exporting these products (technologies), the necessary procedures are to be taken in accordance with related laws and regulations.
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