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Holtek Semiconductor Holtek
HT6P12 Datasheet PDF : 17 Pages
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Learning Car Alarm Decoder
Operating voltage: 2.4V~5.2V
Low power consumption and high noise
Built-in oscillator needs only 5% resistor
Learning function
Maximum of 8 sets of customer codes can
be stored
Burglar alarm system
Smoke and fire alarm system
Garage door controllers
Car door controllers
General Description
The HT6P12 is a 24-bit decoder with a learning
function. It pairs with the HT6P20D encoder for
remote control system applications.
The HT6P12 can interface with HOLTEK’s
EEPROM (HT93LC46). When the data pins of
the HT6P20D (data negative polarity output
type) encoder is triggered from a range of 2^24
series, a complete remote car alarm system is
formed with the HT6P12. The decoder can store
8 sets of customer codes maximum at the learn-
ing mode. The first 20 bits of the received 24 bit
of information are interpreted as a customer
Pin Assignment
2^24 information
3 local alarm trigger inputs: TRIG, AL+, AL-
ACC can disarm whole car alarm system
Easy interface with RF or IR medium
Check received codes 3 times
Car alarm system
Security system
Cordless telephones
Other remote control systems
code and the last 4 bits as control signal data. If
the received 20 bits of customer code match the
bits of one of the stored customer codes in the
EEPROM after continuous checking three
times, the remaining 4-bit data are latched and
then the control function is executed.
The HT6P12 incorporates five types of output
functions, namely arm/disarm, panic, find car,
mute, and On/Off. It, in addition, provides a
momentary data output for other user-defined
special purposes.
2nd Oct ’97

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