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Low-Voltage 1.1 GHz PLL Frequency Synthesizer
Includes On–Board 64/65 Prescaler

The MC145192 is a low–voltage single–package synthesizer with serial interface capable of direct usage up to 1.1 GHz. A special architecture makes this PLL very easy to program because a byte–oriented format is utilized. Due to the patented BitGrabber™ registers, no address/steering bits are required for random access of the three registers. Thus, tuning can be accomplished via a 3–byte serial transfer to the 24–bit A register. The interface is both SPI and MICROWIRE™ compatible.

The double–buffered R register allows new divide ratios to be presented to the three counters (R, A, and N) simultaneously.

• Maximum Operating Frequency: 1100 MHz @ Vin = 200 mV p–p
• Operating Supply Current: 6 mA Nominal at 2.7 V
• Operating Supply Voltage Range (VDD and VCC Pins): 2.7 to 5.0 V
• Operating Supply Voltage Range of Phase Frequency Detector A (VPD Pin) = 4.5 to 5.5 V
• Operating Supply Voltage Range of Phase Detector B (VPD Pin) = 2.7 to 5.5 V
• Current Source/Sink Phase Detector Output Capability: 2 mA Maximum
• Gain of Current Source/Sink Phase/Frequency Detector Controllable via Serial Port
• Operating Temperature Range: – 40° to 85°C
• R Counter Division Range: (1 and) 5 to 8191
• N Counter Division Range: 5 to 4095
• A Counter Division Range: 0 to 63
• Dual–Modulus Capability Provides Total Division up to 262,143
• High–Speed Serial Interface: 2 Megabits per Second
• Output A Pin, When Configured as Data Out, Permits Cascading of Devices
• Two General–Purpose Digital Outputs — Output A: Totem–Pole (Push–Pull) with Four Output Modes
                                                                     Output B: Open–Drain
• Power–Saving Standby Feature with Patented Orderly Recovery for Minimizing Lock Times, Standby Current: 30 µA
• Evaluation Kit Available (Part Number MC145192EVK)
• See Application Note AN1253/D for Low–Pass Filter Design, and AN1277/D for Offset Reference PLLs for Fine Resolution or Fast Hopping

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Dual 1.1 GHz PLL Frequency Synthsizer
Freescale Semiconductor
Dual Serial Input PLL Frequency Synthesizer On-Chip 1.1 GHz Prescaler
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PLL frequency synthesizer
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