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AD8002AR-REEL7 [Dual 600 MHz, 50 mW Current Feedback Amplifier ]

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Analog Devices

The AD8002 is a dual, low-power, high-speed amplifier designed to operate on±5 V supplies. The AD8002 features unique trans impedance linearization circuitry. This allows it to drive video loads with excellent differential gain and phase performance on only 50 mW of power per amplifier. The AD8002 is a current feedback amplifier and features gain flatness of 0.1 dB to 60 MHz while offering differential gain and phase error of 0.01% and 0.02°. This makes the AD8002 ideal for professional video electronics such as cameras and video switchers. Additionally, the AD8002’s low distortion and fast settling make it ideal for buffer high-speed A-to-D converters. The AD8002 offers low power of 5.5 mA/amplifier max (VS=±5 V) and can run on a single 12 V power supply, while capable of delivering over 70 mA of load current. It is offered in an 8-lead plastic DIP, SOIC, and µSOIC package. These features make this amplifier ideal for portable and battery-powered
applications where size and power are critical.

Excellent Video Specifications (RL= 150 , G = +2)
Gain Flatness 0.1 dB to 60 MHz
0.01% Differential Gain Error
0.02Differential Phase Error
Low Power
5.5 mA/Amp Max Power Supply Current (55 mW)
High Speed and Fast Settling
600 MHz, –3 dB Bandwidth (G = +1)
500 MHz, –3 dB Bandwidth (G = +2)
1200 V/s Slew Rate
16 ns Settling Time to 0.1%
Low Distortion
–65 dBc THD, fC= 5 MHz
33 dBm Third Order Intercept, F1= 10 MHz
–66 dB SFDR, f = 5 MHz
–60 dB Crosstalk, f = 5 MHz
High Output Drive
Over 70 mA Output Current
Drives Up to Eight Back-Terminated 75 Loads
(Four Loads/Side) While Maintaining Good
Differential Gain/Phase Performance (0.01%/0.17)
Available in 8-Lead Plastic DIP, SOIC and SOIC Packages

A-to-D Driver
Video Line Driver
Differential Line Driver
Professional Cameras
Video Switchers
Special Effects
RF Receivers



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