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NB100ELT23LDG [3.3V Dual Differential LVPECL/LVDS to LVTTL Translator ]

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ON Semiconductor

The NB100ELT23L is a dual differential LVPECL/LVDS to LVTTL translator. Because LVPECL (Positive ECL) or LVDS levels are used, only +3.3 V and ground are required. The small outline 8-lead package and the dual gate design of the ELT23L makes it ideal for applications which require the translation of a clock and a data signal. The ELT23L is available in only the ECL 100K standard. Since there are no LVPECL outputs or an external VBB reference, the ELT23L does not require both ECL standard versions. The LVPECL inputs are differential. Therefore, the NB100ELT23L can accept any standard differential LVPECL/LVDS input referenced from a VCC of +3.3 V.

• 2.1 ns Typical Propagation Delay
• Maximum Operating Frequency > 160 MHz
• 24 mA LVTTL Outputs
• Operating Range: VCC = 3.0 V to 3.6 V with GND = 0 V
• Pb−Free Packages are Available



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