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TSA6057T [Radio tuning PLL frequency synthesizer ]

other parts : TSA6057 

Philips Electronics

The TSA6057 is a bipolar single chip frequency synthesizer manufactured in SUBILO-N technology
(components laterally separated by oxide). It performs all the tuning functions of a PLL radio tuning system. The IC is designed for application in all types of radio receivers.

• On-chip AM and FM prescalers with high input sensitivity
• On-chip high performance one input (two output) tuning voltage amplifier for the AM and FM loop filters
• On-chip 2-level current amplifier (charge pump) to adjust the loop gain
• Only one reference oscillator (4 MHz) for both AM and FM
• High speed tuning due to a powerful digital memory phase detector
• 40 kHz output reference frequency for co-operation with the FM/IF system and microcomputer-based tuning interface IC (TEA6100)
• Oscillator frequency ranges of: 512 kHz to 30 MHz and 30 to 150 MHz
• 3 selectable reference frequencies of 1, 10 or 25 kHz for both tuning ranges
• Serial 2-wire I2C-bus interface to a microcontroller and one programmable address input
• Software controlled band switch output.



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