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ACM1211 Datasheet

Part NameACM1211 TDK
TDK Corporation TDK
DescriptionCommon Mode Filters For power line
ACM4532-801-2P-T001 image

ACM Series ACM4520

• Several large current products are prepared to correspond to the various applications.
• Low profile and compact shape, it is suited for surface mounting.
• It shows high common mode impedance despite of its compact shape.

  Radiation noise suppression for power line (DVC, DVD cam, DSC, etc.)

ACM Series ACM3225, 4532, 7060, 9070, 1211, 1513

• A chip-type common mode filter for large current applications. Common mode impedance surpasses 300 to 1000Ω at 100MHz. Noise is greatly suppressed.
• Capable of handling the highest current (up to 10A) of any chip type common mode filter.
• Height and size have been considered, resulting in a compact and light-weight choke coil. Applicable for the miniaturization required to reduce the size and weight of portable equipment.
• The products contain no lead and also support lead-free soldering.
• This product does not contain regulated substances that are slated to be included in RoHS.

   Used for power line noise suppression for any electronic devices Used to counter adapter/battery line noise for relatively large electronic devices such as notebook PCs, stand-alone word proces sors, etc

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