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NTE1857 Datasheet

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NTE1857 Integrated Circuit Stepper Motor Driver NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
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The NTE1857 is designed to drive a two–phase stepper motor in the bipolar mode, The circuit of four input sections, a logic decoding/sequencing section, two driver–stages for the motor coils, and an output to indicate the Phase A drive state.

• Single Supply Operation: +7.2V to +16.5V
• 350mA/Coil Drive Capability
• Clamp Diodes Provided for Back–EMF Suppression
• Selectable CW/CCW and Full/Half Step Operation
• Selectable High/Low Output Impedance (Half Step Mode)
• TTL/CMOS Compatible Inputs
• Input Hysteresis: 400mV Min
• Phase Logic Can Be Initialized to Phase A
• Phase A Output Drive State Indication (Open–Collector)


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