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SN65HVD20 Datasheet

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SN65HVD20 Extended Common-Mode RS-485 Transceivers TI
Texas Instruments TI
SN65HVD20D image

The transceivers in the SN65HVD2x family offer performance far exceeding typical RS-485 devices. In addition to meeting all requirements of the TIA/EIA‑485-A standard. The SN65HVD2x family operates over an extended range of common-mode voltages and has features such as high ESD protection, wide receiver hysteresis, and failsafe operation. This family of devices is ideally suited for long-cable networks and other applications where the environment is too harsh for ordinary transceivers.
These devices are designed for bidirectional data transmission on multipoint twisted-pair cables. Example applications are digital motor controllers, remote sensors and terminals, industrial process control, security stations, and environmental control systems.
These devices combine a 3-state differential driver and a differential receiver that operate from a single 5-V power supply. The driver differential outputs and the receiver differential inputs are connected internally to form a differential bus port that offers minimum loading to the bus. This port features an extended common-mode voltage range, making the device suitable for multipoint applications over long cable runs.

• Common-Mode Voltage Range (–20 V to 25 V)
   More Than Doubles TIA/EIA-485 Requirement
• Receiver Equalization Extends Cable Length,
   Signaling Rate (SN65HVD2[3,4])
• Reduced Unit-Load for up to 256 Nodes
• Bus I/O Protection to Over 16-kV HBM
• Failsafe Receiver for Open-Circuit, Short-Circuit,
   and Idle-Bus Conditions
• Low Standby Supply Current 1 µA (Maximum)
• More Than 100 mV Receiver Hysteresis

• Long Cable Solutions
   – Factory Automation
   – Security Networks
   – Building HVAC
• Severe Electrical Environments
   – Electrical Power Inverters
   – Industrial Drives
   – Avionics

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