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SP207H Datasheet

Part NameSP207H Sipex
Signal Processing Technologies Sipex
Description+5V High–Speed RS-232 Transceivers
SP207HCP image

The SP207H and SP211H are multi–channel RS-232 line transceivers configured to fit most communication needs. The "H" series is based on Sipexs SP200 Series transceivers and has been enhanced for speed. The data rate is improved to over 460kbps which easily meets the 230.4kbps data rates for V.34. The SP207H and SP211H use the same on-board charge pump to provide ±10V voltage levels, using 0.1µF charge pump capacitors to save board space and reduce circuit cost. The SP207HB, SP211H and SP211HB feature a low–power shutdown mode, which reduces power supply drain to 1µA. A WakeUp function keeps the receivers active in the shutdown mode (SP207HB and SP211HB only).

■ Single 5V Supply Operation
■ 0.1µF External Charge Pump Capacitors
■ 460kbps Minimum Data Rate
■ Standard SOIC and SSOP Packages
■ SP207H - Five (5) Drivers and Three (3) Receivers
   SP211H - Four (4) Drivers and Five (5) Receivers
■ 1µA Shutdown Mode
■ WakeUp Feature in Shutdown Mode
■ Tri–State Receiver Outputs
■ Ideal for V.34 and High Speed RS-232 Applications

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