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TAS5705 Datasheet

Part NameTAS5705 TI
Texas Instruments TI
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The TAS5705 is a 20-W, efficient, digital audio power amplifier for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers. Two serial data inputs allow processing of up to four discrete audio channels and seamless integration to most digital audio processors and MPEG decoders. The device accepts a wide range of input data and clock rates. A fully programmable data path allows these channels to be routed to the internal speaker drivers or output via the line-level subwoofer or headphone PWM outputs.
The TAS5705 is a slave-only device receiving clocks from external sources. The TAS5705 operates at a 384-kHz switching rate for 32-, 48-, 96-,and 192-kHz data and 352.8-kHz switching rate for 44.1-, 88.2- and 176.4-kHz data. The 8× oversampling combined with the fourth-order noise shaper provides a flat noise floor and excellent dynamic range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

• Audio Input/Output
   – 20-W Into an 8-Ω Load From an 18-V Supply
   – Wide Power-Supply Range From (8 V to 23 V)
   – Efficient Class-D Operation Eliminates
      Need for Heat Sinks
   – Requires Only Two Power-Supply Rails
   – Two Serial Audio Inputs (Four Audio Channels)
   – Supports 32-kHz–192-kHz Sample Rates
   – Headphone PWM Outputs
   – Subwoofer PWM Outputs
• Audio/PWM Processing
   – Independent Channel Volume Controls With
      24-dB to –100-dB Range
   – Soft Mute (50% Duty Cycle)
   – Programmable Dynamic Range Control
   – 16 Adaptable Biquads for Speaker EQ
   – Seven Biquads for Left and Right
   – Two Biquads for Subwoofer Channel
   – Adaptive Coefficients for DRC Filters
   – Programmable Input and Output Mixers
   – DC Blocking Filters
   – Loudness Compensation for Subwoofer
   – Automatic Sample Rate Detection and
      Coefficient Banking for DRC and EQ
• General Features
   – Serial Control Interface Operational Without
   – Factory-Trimmed Internal Oscillator
      Enables Automatic Detection of Incoming
      Sample Rates
   – Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
• Benefits
   – EQ: Speaker Equalization Improves Audio
      – DRC: Dynamic Range Compression.
      Enables Power Limiting, Speaker
      Protection, Easy Listening, Night-Mode
   – Autobank Switching: Preload Coefficients
      for Different Sample Rates. No Need to
      Write Any Coefficients to the Part When
      Sample Rate Changes.
   – Autodetect: Automatically Detects
      Sample-Rate Changes. No Need for
      External Microprocessor Intervention

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